Facilitating the emergence of excellence in individuals and teams who want their interactions to increase their performance.


Leadership Skills for Everyday Life: Seven Pivotal Skills and the Confidence to Use Them - online seminar details are here!

Specializing in team development and individual leadership coaching. 
We all want teammates who:
  • understand and trust each other

  • communicate effectively 

  • work together well 

  • resolve conflicts

  • perform with unity, resilience and fortitude

Whether you're in the realm of business or the world of sports and athletics WSL provides:

  • team development clinics  

  • individual skills training

  • co-leadership video conferences

that facilitate learning, growth and discovery leading to improved performance.

No one enjoys being on a team that is under performing, struggling to maintain a positive culture, mired in poor communication and lack of trust or working with leaders who are unable to find their authentic leadership voice. 


We can all grow, learn and improve with leadership and organizational behavior coaching. WSL provides one on one sessions, leadership team coaching and intensive training clinics to develop new skills and break the bad habits you and your team may have so you can make lasting progress toward meaningful goals. 

A team that functions well accomplishes more.

You and your team will have a personalized experience that is crafted so you will perform with excellence no matter what challenge comes next. At WSL we accelerate team connection to improve team performance.

What I've learned working in the field of leadership development for the past 20 years.

Here's what some of the over one hundred clients served had to say about how WSL Leadership Coaching supported their team growth and leadership development:

"It takes us to the next level of excellence - which is where I want to be." - Brawn Swanson

"Together we identified good structured ways we can pursue improvement that are supportive to everyone involved." - Bradly Wolf

"It's opened lines of communication that were not even real last year - and that's what we needed so bad."- Jenna Specht

"Working with Iggy has been amazing. She really helped us identify where overall we are a pretty strong team and where our weaknesses are and helped us become even stronger." - Amber Castaldo

Her work with us has helped align our actions with our goals and build a driven and positive team culture." - Sarah Gaither

"What I like about your style in general is that in my 15+ years working in corporate environments sometimes I feel like teambuilding or coaches that are brought in are are a little bit patronizing and I've felt like "I ain't got time for this s$#!". I didn't even realize you were doing what you were doing at our last meeting. I was like, "Who's that person? I like what she's doing." It was as simple as that." - Ryan Sage

Clients include:

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