Leadership Skills Training for Anti-Racists: Personal Values Foundation

For a grounded, sustainable fight. 

What is this?
Training focused on understanding the personal values you bring to anti-racism. 
Wednesday, June 10th from 5:00 - 6:15 pm Pacific time.
What are the take-aways?
You'll gain a clear understanding of your personal values that inform your anti-racist work.
When you know your personal values you can approach the work from a place that is grounded in what you are fighting for (not just what you are fighting against).
What for?
Grounding your actions in your personal values can simplify decision making when facing a sometimes overwhelming number of options for how to engage in the work. With your values clear and energy focused you can sustain the fight over the long haul.
How will this happen?
A 75 minute live Zoom training including values clarification exercises and connection with other anti-racists. Training will be on Wednesday, June 10th from 5:00 - 6:15 pm Pacific time. Find your local time.
Who is this for?
Anti-racists anywhere on their journey who want to grow and develop. Newly invigorated and seasoned folks are all welcome.
Why are you doing this?
To use my leadership development skills to support anti-racists and anti-racism work. Also, to support Wild Diversity a local (Portland, OR) black-owned non-profit that does excellent work. Learn about Wild Diversity.
How do I sign up?
1. Make a donation to Wild Diversity. (Note - no anti-racist will be turned away due to choosing not to donate.)
2. Complete the registration form.
Expect an email with a Zoom link to the training 1 hour before the training begins. Add Iggy@worksportlife.com to your contacts so the link reaches you and doesn't go to spam/junk land.
Please be prepared to participate with your video and microphone on. Phones work and tablets or computers will help you see and engage with training participants more easily. Bring a way to take notes.
Email is the best way to reach me if you have questions or would like a training for your organization: Iggy@worksportlife.com.
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