This is the last installment in a three-part series applying ideas found in Drive by Daniel Pink to help teams needing to re-inspire motivation mid project.

Have you ever been frustrated or mystified by someone telling you “I had no choice” when it seemed pretty obvious that they made about 100 choices leading up to that moment? Or how do you feel a...

Part two of a three part series applying the ideas from Drive by Daniel Pink to situations when team motivation flags mid project.

Developing expertise is satisfying and intrinsically motivating. Daniel Pink calls this motivation due to learning “mastery.” When starting something new, mastery is easily noticed because new skills are immediately need...

One of the very worst aspects of motivation is when it leaves you mid-project and you still have a long, long way to go. Everyone is so stoked at the beginning and the energy is contagious. Then time starts to drag and now everything seems terrible. If there is more energy around the project, the team would probably use it to question why anyone ev...

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