Leadership masterminds help you lead like a boss and achieve your goals faster.

What's a mastermind again?

A leadership mastermind will put you in direct consistent contact with other focused people who will:


- offer their experience, ideas and perspectives to help you get off the leadership struggle bus

- offer guidance to resolve your specific challenges

- hold you accountable for doing the tough things necessary to be a positive leader (that boot camp feeling might be real).

Join a 12-week leadership mastermind for $300

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Got questions (or want a specific mastermind offered)? Email Iggy directly: Iggy@worksportlife.com.

Masterminds starting soon: 

Derby Leadership Mastermind - for captains, committee chairs, officials, elected and also informal and rising leaders who want to tackle a wide variety of leadership challenges and come out stronger, capable leaders in derby and life.

Starting at the beginning of next month. (Sign up by the end of September)

Ideal for:

  • both established and rising leaders (folks with an official role/title or not)

  • new and experienced leaders - if it's your first rodeo or you've been around the block

  • surrounding yourself with committed, energized folks

  • getting more ideas/strategies/support

  • working on what matters to you in a way that is authentic to you

  • gaining additional info and perspective from a facilitated experience


This mastermind will:

  • help you work through your specific personal leadership challenges

  • provide a supportive crew who understand the unique structure of roller derby

  • hold you accountable for taking action that is relevant and meaningful to you

  • examine leadership themes, topics and trends that the crew is curious about

  • focus on building your personal leadership skills in a group environment so you can be more awesome in your work, sport and life 

All roller derby masterminds will include only one person from any league in order to make sure you have the largest variety of perspectives possible. 

Mastermind crews will include approximately 6 participants to maximize attention to the individuals and the depth of shared ideas. The group will meet for 90 minutes at a time, every other week (6 times) over 12 weeks. Details for people who like to read more details are here. Once the cohort is set, we'll decide on a meeting day/time that works for everyone.

Start the sign-up process here!

Deadline to sign-up is the last day of the month.

Meetings start in the beginning of next month.


COVID-Times Leadership Mastermind 

Are you feeling the drain of leadership during a pandemic? Do you feel like you're still adapting to a constantly shifting (or slowly deteriorating) landscape? Do you wonder how to keep your followers connected, productive, active, engaged? Is it wearing you down?

Join this mastermind to wrestle with the complexities of leadership during COVID-19 and how to make the most of it.

Here are some details.

Let's talk about it!

Sign up deadline - end of September for meetings starting in early October.


Want a mastermind that's not currently scheduled? Like Juniors Program bosses...or community leaders?

Let's talk about how I can help make the leadership mastermind YOU want happen. 

What's so great about a mastermind?

Here's what some mastermind mates a have to say about it:

It was honestly just great to talk to other derby people in a more in depth way. It's so hard to do that in the brief time of a game/tournament. And I think it's so helpful to get other perspectives and be able to enjoy the camaraderie of roller derby in a different way. - Bonita, Gotham

The best part has been intentionally looking at my own challenges, sharing them and having accountability and support in overcoming them. - Scar Trek, DC Rollergirls

It was great getting to connect with like-minded individuals. Roller derby leadership is hard! It's refreshing to know that many of us are not alone in our various day-to-day struggles to keep the league moving forward. I've received some great input on some of the obstacles I'm working to overcome within my league as well as provided some guidance to others who are struggling with something that I have already overcome. - Gillotine Grace - Dallas Derby Devils

I love having access to other captains from all experience levels who have insight and experience that offer unique solutions to problems.  - Doppelgänger- Wasatch roller derby

Meeting the other members and getting specific feedback on an issue I’m experiencing  - London, SO Derby

Being able to connect with so many other leaders from around the world. I’m very new to the role of captaining and it’s been incredibly inspiring to be a part of a forum that promotes creativity and brainstorms new ways of strengthening team culture. - Big Bang Fury (Home Team Captain), Rose City Rollers

Connecting with other leaders who have faced or are facing similar challenges -- knowing I'm not alone in my experience. - River Strong, Charlottesville Derby Dames

Masterminds give energy, encouragement, and accountability in a safe environment for breakthrough moments...  - Stephanie M.

This is one of the most meaningful groups I’m a part of - you all mean so much to me - A.T.

I loved the collaborative environment with everyone bringing in personal experience - Abigail A.

Cool, but what will I get out of it?

I think so far I've learned how valuable it is to devote time and mental energy to becoming a better leader, to face challenges head-on and be intentional about overcoming them. - Scar Trek, DC Rollergirls

I think that these meetings have made me take a closer look at just how much of an impact a captain can have on their team and their team culture. I want to be someone who connects with my teammates in a playing capacity as well as in an emotional capacity and I think this mastermind of helping me develop those skills. - Big Bang Fury (Home Team Captain), Rose City Rollers

I'm going to pay more attention to how I interact with folks - Amanda G.

More of a positive outlook and my role in this all - Jenny H.

Thinking more strategically about positive outcomes in communication - K.C.

Focusing on behavioral not personal conflict - Emma

What's it like working with Iggy?

Very approachable and transparent. Laid-back yet informative. - Sarah A. (Bricktator)

Friendly, yet assertive! Welcoming, yet challenging in the most interesting way possible! You always make me laugh! Thanks for that! - Amanda G.

Want to be a part of it? Let's talk about how a leadership mastermind can help you learn, grow and kick ass. 

What is a mastermind? Iggy explains in less than 2 minutes.

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