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People, you don't have to struggle alone with leadership or poor team performance. I can give you skills to feel solid and confident in a leadership role and give your team the tools to communicate effectively and work together harmoniously. A team that works together better performs better. 

I also specialize in co-leadership situations. Whether you are equals leading the charge or in hierarchical co-leadership roles I can help you be an effective united front moving forward. 

Investment in leadership and team skills gives you tools to create positive culture, achieve ambitious goals and increase teammate retention.  

Leadership Conference Package

Package includes four 90-minute coaching sessions for co-leaders or teammates to:

  • build and articulate a compelling vision

  • deal with lingering issues (motivation, personality conflicts, restructuring, etc.)

  • proactively plan for the future

  • fine tune co-leadership processes and roles

  • work out next steps for your specific team struggles

  • prepare for that hard conversation you've been putting off

This package is ideal for people who lead together. You'll end each session ready deal with issues on your team and prepared co-lead effectively as a leadership team. After four sessions you'll have solid practices in place to deal with the unexpected as a united front and sustain change in your team over time. This is also a great follow-up to the Team Development Clinic to keep building on team progress and reinforce learning. Can also be useful in organizations undergoing change when there is a "old guard" that needs to be ready for the future. Conferences can be held in person or via live video conference. 

Personal Leadership Coaching Package

Six, hour long sessions meeting (in person or via video conference) one on one for discussion, development and training on what you need to grow as an excellent leader.


Ideal for individuals wanting to do any or all of the following (and more):

  • build grit, resilience and mental toughness

  • work through struggles with bosses/teammates/direct reports

  • cultivate leadership skills

  • develop an effective mindset to meet personal goals

  • grow into a new leadership role

  • adapt to organizational changes

  • align vision, values and execution

  • perform with excellence and integrity

  • improve ability to achieve lofty goals

After six sessions you'll have more skills to execute your vision as a leader (no matter where you are in the org chart), confidence to make good choices guided by your values and focus on growth and development to sustain change in yourself and in those around you. You can become the leader you've been waiting for.

Team Development Clinic

Face to face meeting with your team to build trust and give you the tools to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively and execute with excellence. 

Effective for both smaller leadership teams and larger project/sport teams.

Each Team Development Clinic is customized to your specific needs. Some outcomes include:

  • increased teammate trust

  • enhanced communication

  • pursuit of bigger goals and positive response to bigger challenges 

  • establishment of effective/efficient work practices

  • skills to resolve conflicts within the group and for others

  • tools to rebuild trust and unity when things go off track

  • enhanced productivity and efficiency

  • cohesion

  • deepening/developing positive team culture

  • team building 

  • goal setting/goal achievement strategies

  • team dynamics assessment

  • growth in teammate interdependence 

  • mission articulation and alignment

  • organizational culture/conduct shift

  • more authentic teammate buy-in

  • culture of creative problem solving

  • fluid communication/fewer silos

  • team efficiency and individual efficacy 

Clinic is delivered in a six hour intensive seminar format. You'll come away with increased understanding and connection with your teammates and skills to take things to the next level in your work or sport. You'll be able to plot your course and control your destiny as a cohesive unit and ready to deal with problems that come up along the way. Can be a stand alone seminar or ideally is paired with the co-leadership conference package for follow up and support as you create lasting change. 

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