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Between March 18th and 26th I was in 44 hours of Zoom meetings. Some were pleasant and enjoyable and some were tedious and frustrating. The best ones were interactive and actually fun. They were super smooth when a co-host  handled the tech while the presenter focused on delivering awesome content. That's what I want to do for you and your content.

Running zoom meetings can be stressful. Have you felt it? I've been there wondering: Where's my slide presentation? How many breakout rooms do I want again? Does this even look good? How do I respond to the chat questions about random Zoom things with that latecomer while I'm trying to get everything done on time? I've seen how having a co-host reduces that stress dramatically and builds presenting confidence resulting in excellent meetings that are calm and smooth for everyone involved. 

Maybe you're an experienced Zoom pro who wants to add some sparkle (or less stress) to your meeting or maybe you just moved (aka suddenly can't get your work done in person) to Zoom and are focused on getting your content together. Either way, I'm here for you.

You'll shine as a presenter when your meeting is active and you have a co-host making the breakout rooms, or polls, or muting the people who forget to mute themselves or they can't figure out how to mute on their phone, or summarizing key points in the chat or privately chatting participants to tell them important info (like that their camera angle makes them sitting on the toilet visible! Have you seen that video? Cringe central). I can be that co-host for you.

You don't want your participants leaving your meeting with a sigh. You definitely don't want to be infamous for meetings full of frustrated passive participants eye rolling and private chatting about their impatience with bungled breakout rooms and that random barking dog on some mysterious mic - again!  You don't need the stress of clicking all the clicks to manage the participants during the meeting.


Let's talk about how I can help you sparkle and your presentations/meetings/classes/webinars will be known for your fabulous interactive and engaging content while it feels smooth to everyone and you have no stress around participant management. We can make it happen - together.

I want to co-host your meeting with you so you can present like a calm confident star while I make you look like a Zoom meeting pro. Yes, you can be a calm, confident Zoom meeting star.

Send me your questions and concerns!
email: Iggy@WorkSportLife.com
call/text: 470.444.9975

Introductory offer:
No obligation 30 minute consultation call (on Zoom! or phone - no judgment) to discuss how you want to shine as a presenter while engaging your participants and how I can help make it happen with less stress and worry for you.
$20-$50 per hour for in meeting co-host zoom tech support services. Pricing depends on your meeting size and support needs. 
Zoom training and custom arrangements available - pricing subject to needs. Contact me to discuss.
Schedule your 30 minute consultation check-in using the calendar link below.